Volkswagen Amarok 580 Highline 2021 – Premium Custom-Tuned CarPlay, Speakers, Subwoofer Upgrade

VW Amarok 580 2021 Custom Tuned Upgrade - 10" Wireless CarPlay Head Unit, DSP Amplifier, Speakers & Subwoofer, Complete Integration


Transform Your Driving Experience with the VW Amarok 580 2021 Custom Tuned Upgrade

At Soundtech Car Audio, we understand that the factory sound system in the VW Amarok 580 2021 may not meet the expectations of discerning audio enthusiasts like yourself. That’s why we offer a comprehensive custom-tuned upgrade that will elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.

About the Upgrade:

Let’s start by taking a look at the original setup of the VW Amarok 580 2021. It comes equipped with 6.5″ front split speakers and tweeters located behind the A-pillar trim. The rear is equipped with 6.5″ midrange speakers. The head unit is a VW 6″ low-res unit, and there is no amplifier or subwoofer installed. Additionally, the car lacks proper door insulation, which can impact the overall sound quality.


Original Setup:

  • 6.5″ front split speakers, tweeters behind the A-pillar trim
  • 6,5″ rear midrange
  • VW 6″ low-res head unit
  • No amplifier
  • No subwoofer
  • No door insluation
New Setup:
Now, let’s dive into the exciting new setup we have in store for your VW Amarok 580 2021:
  • 10″ Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto touch screen designed for VW Amarok
  • Front 6.5″ component speakers in doors – seal-fit (STEG MT650CII)
  • Front beauty tweeters in A-pillars
  • Rear speaker 6.5″ coaxial (STEG MS650II)
  • Basser VW Amarok MDF FitBox fitted with JL Audio TW3 10″ Subwoofer
  • All doors and rear firewall sandwitch-soundproofed STP (StandartPlast Silver & Gold)
  • 4/6ch Amplifier Helix M FOUR DSP
  • 1ch Mono Amplifier ESX QL800.1 – 550W RMS
  • Premium wiring – pre-twisted oxy-free ISO speaker cables in a loom
  • Premium installation
  • Subwoofer remote conrol integration
Volkswagen Amarok 580 Highline 2021 - Premium Custom-Tuned CarPlay, Speakers, Subwoofer Upgrade Volkswagen Amarok 580 Highline 2021
  •  10″ Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto Touch Screen: We will replace the factory head unit with a 10″ wireless CarPlay touch screen designed specifically for the VW Amarok. This direct-fit unit not only adds a touch of modernity to your interior but also provides seamless connectivity and an intuitive user interface.
  • Front 6.5″ Component Speakers: We will install high-quality STEG MT650CII 6.5″ component speakers in the front doors. These speakers are carefully sealed-fit to ensure optimal sound reproduction and deliver crystal-clear audio with remarkable detail.
  • Front Beauty Tweeters: To enhance the soundstage and imaging, we will install front beauty tweeters in the A-pillars. These tweeters will add a new dimension to your music, bringing out the finer nuances and creating an immersive listening experience.
  • Rear Speaker Upgrade: The rear speakers will be upgraded to STEG MS650II 6.5″ coaxial speakers, ensuring a balanced and cohesive sound throughout the cabin.
  • Basser VW Amarok MDF FitBox with JL Audio TW3 10″ Subwoofer: To deliver powerful and impactful bass, we will install a custom-fit Basser VW Amarok MDF FitBox, housing a JL Audio TW3 10″ subwoofer. This combination guarantees deep low-end frequencies and a rich, full-bodied sound experience.
  • Comprehensive Soundproofing: We will meticulously soundproof your doors and rear firewall using high-quality materials from STP (StandartPlast Silver & Gold). By eliminating external noise and vibrations, the soundproofing process ensures an optimal listening environment within your vehicle.
  • Amplifier Setup: The Helix M FOUR DSP 4/6-channel amplifier will power the entire system, providing clean and dynamic sound reproduction. Additionally, we will integrate the ESX QL800.1 mono amplifier with 550W RMS to drive the subwoofer, allowing you to fine-tune the bass output to your preference.
  • Premium Wiring and Installation: Our expert technicians will use pre-twisted oxy-free ISO speaker cables and premium wiring for the entire setup. We take pride in our meticulous installation process, ensuring a clean and professional look while maintaining the functionality of your vehicle.
  • Subwoofer Remote Control Integration: We will integrate a subwoofer remote control knob into the gear shift area, allowing you to adjust the subwoofer output on the fly. This feature provides flexibility and ensures the perfect balance of bass for different music genres and preferences.


Simon, the proud owner of a 2021 Amarok, approached us with concerns about the lackluster factory sound system and infotainment system that didn’t live up to the car’s premium feel and powerful V6 engine. We listened to his requirements and crafted a plan to create an awesome sound system that would match the vehicle’s excellence.


Starting from scratch, we replaced the factory head unit with a 10″ wireless CarPlay screen, instantly adding a touch of luxury to the interior. We then embarked on a thorough soundproofing process, treating the doors with multiple layers of sound-absorbing materials. This not only prevents the sound from being tinny but also creates an enclosed environment similar to a home audio enclosure.


To maximize the performance of the system, we installed high-quality speakers, including front component speakers, rear coaxial speakers, and a custom-fit subwoofer enclosure housing a JL Audio TW3 10″ subwoofer. With the Helix DSP FOUR amplifier, we fine-tuned the sound to deliver exceptional audio clarity, centered stage imaging, and a balanced frequency response. Simon’s request for slightly sharper highs was also met, showcasing the versatility of the DSP amplifier.


The entire installation was expertly organized, with premium wiring and neatly arranged cables, ensuring both signal integrity and a clean aesthetic. The amplifiers were securely mounted behind the rear seat, without compromising its functionality. Integration of a subwoofer remote control knob allows Simon to adjust the bass output on the go, catering to different music sources and personal preferences.


The result? Simon’s ecstatic reaction says it all – “THIS IS A FIRST-CLASS SOUND!” You can watch his genuine excitement in the video we recorded. This upgrade exemplifies one of the many ways we can enhance a Volkswagen Amarok, and we hope you appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into this project.


If you’re ready to transform your VW Amarok 580 2021 into an auditory masterpiece, contact us today. Experience the difference that a custom-tuned upgrade from Soundtech Car Audio can make in your driving pleasure.


  • Strong and deep bass
  • High Clarity Speaker System
  • No distortion
  • Great loudness
  • Custom-tuned sound with centre staging

Installation Photos

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