Toyota LC GX S200 Audio System Upgrade

Toyota Land Cruiser GX S200 2020

13 January 2021

Basic 4-Channel 6speaker Sound System Upgrade

Original Setup:

Factory speakers – the component in the front, coaxials in the back
no amplifier, low volume, poor quality, minimal bass

4-ch amplifier – AUDIO SYSTEM M-50.4 MD
Speakers Front – MUSWAY ME6.2C
Speakers Rear – MUSWAY ME62
Head Unit – DMX9720XDS
DashCam – Blackvue DR650S-2CH

Toyota LC GX S200 Audio System Upgrade Toyota LC GX S200

A complete audio upgrade with the new 10,1″ Kenwood head unit, all 6 speakers replaced with the German brand MUSWAY powered by a micro digital 4 channel amplifier, nicely hidden in the dashboard. Additionally, a 2 channel dashcam has been fitted in the vehicle.


– Good sound clarity
– More bass
– Hidden amp
– Great loudness of the system
– An option to add a subwoofer in the 2nd stage

Installation Photos

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