Toyota Hilux 2019 | Complete Stereo and Subwoofer upgrade

Toyota Hilux 8th Gen | Complete Stereo and Subwoofer upgrade

03 November 2021

Speaker & Subwoofer Upgrade with DSP tuning

Original Setup:

  • basic 4 channel sound system
  • no subwoofer
  • no CarPlay / no AndroidAuto
  • low volume output
  • speaker distorting on bassy songs

New Setup:

  • 8″ Kenwood wireless CarPlay / Android Auto touch screen
  • All speakers replaced
  • 10″ 300W RMS slim subwoofer in Toyota fit-box
  • 4-door soundproofing
  • Mini digital speaker and subwoofer amplifier 

Are you tired of your basic 4 channel sound system in your Toyota Hilux 8th Gen? Are you looking to enhance your driving experience with better sound quality, CarPlay, and Android Auto? Look no further! Our Toyota Hilux 8th Gen Stereo Upgrade is the perfect solution for you.


Before the upgrade, the basic 4 channel sound system lacked a subwoofer, CarPlay, and AndroidAuto. The volume output was low, and the speakers distorted on bassy songs. But with our new setup, the 8″ Kenwood wireless CarPlay/Android Auto touch screen has been installed, and all speakers have been replaced. In addition, a 10″ 300W RMS slim subwoofer has been installed in a Toyota fit-box, and the 4-door soundproofing has been done. A mini digital speaker and subwoofer amplifier were also added to the system.


One of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was the limited space in UTEs, making it difficult to choose the right subwoofer. However, our team was able to modify the space behind the rear seat to fit a true sealed subwoofer in a nice slim enclosure. Despite its small size, this subwoofer produces a big power output, making it perfect for this Toyota Hilux stereo upgrade.


Once the subwoofer was sorted, the rest of the installation was an easy task. The 8″ Kenwood head unit was installed, which was made specifically to fit this Hilux model, resulting in a seamless solution. Wireless CarPlay was also added to the system, making it easier for drivers to access their favorite apps and music.


Next, all four doors were soundproofed, new speakers were fitted, and the system was connected to the amplifier. The entire system received a clean separated signal from the new head unit using the RCA outputs and was tuned with the Kenwood DSP processor. The result? Crystal clear sound quality and the perfect balance of bass, treble, and midrange.


Toyota Hilux stereo upgrade

As a final touch, the subwoofer remote control was mounted in an empty button slot in the dashboard, making it easy for drivers to adjust the bass levels on the go.

Overall, our Toyota Hilux 8th Gen Stereo Upgrade is an excellent way to improve your driving experience. With our expert team and high-quality components, you’ll enjoy crystal clear sound quality and the latest technology without sacrificing space or damaging your vehicle.


  • Strong bass
  • No distortion
  • Great loudness
  • Custom-tuned sound
  • CarPlay & Android Auto wireless
After completing the Toyota Hilux 8th Gen Stereo Upgrade, the driving experience has been transformed. The new sound system is now fully integrated with the car, providing a seamless and immersive audio experience.
The addition of the 10″ 300W RMS slim subwoofer has resulted in strong, powerful bass, without any distortion, even on the bassiest of songs. The soundproofing of all four doors has eliminated any rattling or distortion, ensuring the audio is crisp and clear.
The custom-tuned sound has transformed the audio quality, bringing out the missing tones and frequencies that were not present in the original system. This provides an immersive soundstage that envelops the listener, enhancing the driving experience.
The installation of the 8″ Kenwood wireless CarPlay/Android Auto touch screen head unit has also added a new level of functionality to the system, providing easy access to all your favourite apps and media, as well as hands-free calling.
Overall, the Toyota Hilux 8th Gen Stereo Upgrade is an excellent way to take your driving experience to the next level. The added functionality and improved audio quality make it a worthwhile investment that is sure to impress.

Installation Photos

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