Suzuki Jimny Custom Car Audio Upgrade

Suzuki Jimny | Plug&Play Sound System Upgrade with DSP Amplifier

Model: Suzuki Jimny 2020 with basic sound system

Have you ever wondered why Suzuki decided to put such basic and awful speakers in the Jimny? We mean, this car is an absolute gem – rugged, reliable and fun to drive. So why settle for a sound system that’s just, well, meh? That’s why we decided to fix it, and boy, did we fix it good!

Let’s start with the original system. It was like a cheap boombox from the 90s, but without the cool factor. Two mini 4″ paper-cone speakers that sounded tinny and vibrated like a washing machine on spin cycle. No tweeters, no bass, no volume. We’re pretty sure that even your grandma’s phone has better sound quality.

Original Setup:

The Suzuki’s original stereo system includes:

    • 2 mini 4″ paper-cone speaker drivers
    • No tweeters
    • Low volume
    • Poor Quality
    • Minimal Bass
    • Tinny sound and uncomfortable vibrations
    • Simply boring

Upgrade version 2 with hidden subwoofers:

Check our Suzuki Jimny upgrade v2 dedicated to people who prefer to keep the boot space availabe for storage! 

Suzuki Jimny Custom Car Audio Upgrade suzuki jimny stereo upgrade

But fear not, Soundtech is here to save the day! We installed some beefy 5.25″ 100W RMS component speakers that are just itching to blast your favorite tunes. And to make sure you can actually hear them, we added some tweeters in the upper door rear-view mirror trims. It’s like adding some vocal harmonies to your music – they make everything sound sweeter.

But what’s a sound system without some thumpin’ bass? We managed to fit a compact and removable subwoofer from MATCH in the back, so you can feel the beat in your bones. And because we like things to be neat and tidy, we also soundproofed the doors. No more road noise, no more rattling, just pure musical bliss.

New Setup:

The new car audio system installed by Soundtech included:

    • 5.25″ 100W RMS component speaker drivers
    • 5 channel DSP amplifier MATCH
    • Compact subwoofer 200W RMS
    • Soundproofed doors


To make sure everything sounds just right, we added a 5-channel DSP amplifier from MATCH. It’s like having a sound engineer in your car, constantly tuning the sound to perfection.

The result? A Jimny that sounds like a rolling concert hall! The custom-tuned sound stage is powerful, clear and packed with bass. And because we all like to have fun, we guarantee you’ll be cranking up the volume and singing along to every song. The Jimny is already a blast to drive, now it’s even better.

So don’t settle for a mediocre sound system in your Jimny. Get in touch with Soundtech and let us upgrade it to something amazing. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

The Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer to install these systems, so you can rest assured that you have the very best working on your vehicle every step of the way.

If you own a Suzuki Jimny and are unhappy with the sound quality produced by its stereo system, be sure to get in touch with us on (02) 9055 7400 or to see how we can help and don’t forget to follow us on Youtube for some great content!

Upgrade version 2 with hidden subwoofers:

Check our Suzuki Jimny upgrade v2 dedicated to people who prefer to keep the boot space availabe for storage!

Installation Photos

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