Porsche GTS 2019 Subwoofer Upgrade

Porsche Stereo Upgrade

29 July 2021

Adding A 10″ Slimline Subwoofer

Original Setup:

Porsche BOSE sound system
no dedicated subwoofer, average bass output

New Setup:

Subwoofer – JL AUDIO CS110TG-TW3
Digital Amplifier installed as hidden
Speaker level signal converter – AudiControl LC2i

Similar to our other installation to the very rare Porsche Carrera T MY2018 which is a renewed model for the first time since 1979. we installed here a 10″ JL Audio subwoofer behind the back seats, safely strapped down to the existing mounting points and power by a hidden amp installed next to the factory bose amp. On top of that, we fitted the Porsche stereo upgrade with the bass remote control neatly placed in the armrest compartment which looks like a factory feature.

It’s yet another great vehicle that can have a better sound with no modifications to its interior or electrical circuits.

Porsche Stereo Upgrade


– Strong and precise bass
– Hidden amplifier and the signal converter
– Neatly-installed remote control for the sub amplifier

Installation Photos

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