Party Boat System

Party Boat Sound System

14 January 2021

6 Speaker + 1 Subwoofer Custom-Tuned Sound System

Original Setup:

– 1din head unit with poor BT connectivity
– 4 speaker sound system powered by an insufficient amplifier power

New Setup:

– Added 2 speakers to the middle of the boat
– 6ch high power amp AUDIO SYSTEM X-80.6
– 10″ 300W RMS sub – MATCH PP 10E-Q
– DSP processor – HELIX DSP MINI
– Added 2nd deep-cycle battery
– New solenoid for battery power management
– 2din Kenwood head unit
– Remote control for bass and volume

Party Boat System Party Boat System

This was a complete rebuilt of the boat’s sound system to gain very loud volumes whilst having parties on the water without distorting or ever damaging the system. Adding 2 extra speakers to the final amount of 6 turned out to be a great choice where each seat gets just about the same amount of the volume.

The added vented subwoofer, hidden under the middle bench gives a huge and deep bass, leaving nobody on the boat bored:). Having used the DSP processor allowed us to properly tune the entire stage with 2 different musical profiles easy to switch between using the conveniently placed remote control. One with the best sound for the driver if they are alone, the other for everyone having the same experience if a party is going on.


– No extreme high tones as usually the case
– Deep bass
– No speaker distortion
– Great loudness of the system
– Center stage for the driver

Installation Photos

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