Mercedes GLE Audio System Upgrade | Custom Solution

Mercedes-Benz GLE Audio System Upgrade

Model: Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 | 2020

We were contacted by a customer looking to improve the sound quality of the stereo system in his Mercedes-Benz GLE 400. The team at Soundtech was more than happy to oblige – we love working on luxury car models like this one. This was a more challenging project than what we usually tackle, but we were excited to take it on all the same.

Original Setup:

The Mercedes’ original audio system included:

    • Basic, paper-cone component speakers 
    • Basic 6.5″ paper-cone subwoofer in an 8″ housing
    • Plastic cover in place of 2nd subwoofer
    • Untuned centre stage
    • Low volume, poor clarity, lack of bass, lack of fun
Mercedes GLE Audio System Upgrade | Custom Solution Mercedes GLE Audio System Upgrade

The original factory stereo system that this car was fitted with could be described in one word – basic. The paper-cone component speakers didn’t provide good sound quality or volume at all, whilst the lack of a second subwoofer meant that the bass was all but missing from the customer’s car audio experience. All in all, there was nothing enjoyable about listening to music whilst cruising around in this particular Mercedes-Benz.

New Setup:

The new Mercedes GLE audio system upgrade installed by Soundtech included:

    • MATCH UP 7DSP – 8ch PnP DSP Amplifier
    • Upgraded speakers – by STEG
    • 3D printed bracket for 2nd subwoofer
    • 2x 8″ Subwoofer – by 
    • STEG
    • Fully custom-tuned sound stage
    • Loudness, clarity & stronger bass achieved

This project was completed in two stages, as we needed to wait for a custom designed bracket to come in.

At Soundtech, we really dislike the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that manufacturers take when it comes to Mercedes GLE audio systems. We understand that every vehicle and driver is different, and seek to create an audio experience that is right for them.

During the first stage, we replaced all of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 400’s speakers with higher quality aftermarket ones. We were also able to replace the subwoofer in the right hand floor cavity by simply dismantling the existing bracket and switching it out. It sits flush with the surface underneath the mats; you’d never guess it was there.

Not only can the new speakers play music at much louder volumes than their predecessors without distortion, the subwoofers are able to keep the bass tight without compromising on the listening experience.

The new MATCH UP 7DSP amplifier was also installed. It sits directly underneath the existing head unit and is connected to the rest of the stereo system using Plug and Play adaptors and harnesses.

As there was no aftermarket solution for a bracket to replace the plastic cover where the left hand subwoofer should be fitted, the team at Soundtech made the installation possible by having a custom bracket created. The cover was sent to be scanned and modelled in 3D then our founder, Honza, used the files to design a bracket that would fit perfectly in the cover’s place. The design was then sent to be 3D printed.

Once the custom bracket finally arrived, we were pleased to note that it looked practically identical to the original plastic cover. The subwoofer slotted right in and the whole component was able to be installed in the left hand floor cavity with ease. Like it’s right hand counterpart, the bracket sits flush with the surface underneath the mats.

This sort of setup is exactly what Bang/Olufsen or Burmester would have included.

After the second subwoofer was installed, we were able to begin tuning the Mercedes audio system utilising a PC with complex software. This whole process can take up to 3 hours and is done according to each individual car and customer’s specifications.

If he wants deeper bass, the customer also has the option of installing an additional subwoofer in the boot of the vehicle at a later date. If he does this, it will be able to be tuned by the same MATCH DSP amplifier we have just installed.

Why Plug and Play?

The main reason that we work with Plug and Play connections is that it means we don’t need to alter the original sound system in any way. No wires are cut or removed – nothing is modified in a way that potentially damages the car or is permanent. Instead, we’re just expanding on what is already there using plugs and adaptors.

What this means is that we’re able to return the vehicle to its original factory setup at any time and without any trace that an upgrade was performed. Should the customer want a whole new car audio system upgrade down the line or if he decides to sell his Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 2020, this installation will be able to be removed with ease.


We were stoked to provide the customer with:

    • Great sound clarity
    • More bass
    • Stealth installation
    • No voiding of the warranty
    • Custom subwoofer solution
    • Plug & Play

Working closely with car manufacturers like Mercedes has meant that we’re able to perform stereo installations that don’t impact on your warranty. We specialise in ‘stealth installations’, which means that all wiring is hidden away within the body of the vehicle (as you can see in our installation photos). The end result is a completely safe and successful sound system that you would never guess is an aftermarket add-on from its appearance.

The customer was incredibly happy with his new Mercedes GLE audio system and was really appreciative of how Honza and the Soundtech team had gone above and beyond to make his stereo dreams a reality.

Whilst this installation took a little longer than usual due to having to custom design the subwoofer bracket and wait for it to be printed, we are usually able to complete Mercedes audio system upgrades like this one in a day or so – getting you back onto the road with some rocking tunes as quickly as possible.

Stereo upgrades like this one have been developed in Germany by a company called Audiotec Fischer – one of the most advanced car audio companies in the world. These sound systems are 100% compatible with Mercedes-Benz vehicles and have been designed to understand them fully.

The Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer, giving you peace of mind that we are more than capable of handling your installation from start to finish – your car is in good hands!

If you own a Mercedes-Benz GLE and are unhappy with its sound system, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on (02) 9055 7400 or and let us do the rest. To see more content like this, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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