McLaren GT 2020 | Premium Speaker Ugprade

McLaren GT 2020 | Premium Speaker Ugprade

15 January 2021

High-End Custom-Tuned Sound System Upgrade

Original Setup:

Flat sounding speaker system with little to no bass, poor sound quality and no centre stage

New Setup:

– Front speakers AUDIO SYSTEM HX 165 PHASE EVO 2
– Rear speakers STEG BZ 40D
– Amplifier HELIX P SIX DSP MK2

– Soundproofing STP Gold/Diamond line


The McLaren GT 2020 is a truly remarkable vehicle, but unfortunately, its sound system didn’t quite live up to the car’s high-performance standards. The factory setup produced flat and lifeless sound with no bass or centre stage, leaving the driver and passengers underwhelmed.



McLaren GT 2020 | Premium Speaker Ugprade McLaren GT

To remedy this, we decided to perform a complete sound system overhaul. We began by replacing the factory speakers with high-end AUDIO SYSTEM HX 165 PHASE EVO 2 front speakers and STEG BZ 40D rear speakers. These speakers were specifically designed to fit McLaren models and provide unparalleled sound quality.


To further enhance the sound quality, we implemented the HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 amplifier, a legendary piece of audio equipment that provides a fully active 6-channel sound system. We rewired the factory amplifier as necessary to seamlessly integrate the HELIX amplifier into the existing sound system. This allowed us to deliver the perfect sound stage and adjust the system to the owner’s preferences.


Finally, we applied premium soundproofing material from STP, which included layers of Aero, BiPlast and Accent to ensure no sound was lost through the doors. The result was a truly breathtaking sound system that surpassed the expectations of both the owner and ourselves.


The McLaren GT 2020 now boasts a sound system that is as impressive as the car itself. The sound is clear and well-balanced, with deep and powerful bass, and a properly defined centre stage. The customer’s satisfaction was evident from the glowing review we received, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the final result.


– Well balanced sound spectrum
– Hidden high-power amplifier
– No visual changes on the outside
– Great loudness without distortion

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