McLaren 720s 2022 Spider | Speaker & DSP Amplifier Seamless Upgrade

McLaren 720s 2022 base sterero Seamless 3-way Speaker Upgrade

23 October 2023

High-End Custom-Tuned Sound System Upgrade

Original Setup:

– 2x 6,5″ door woofers
– 2x 1″ tweeters
– No Amplifier
These 4 basic speakers are seriously all that his car came with. 


New Setup:

Fully Tuned Active 3-way system
– STEG BM25 direct fit tweeter
– BRAX Matrix ML3 high-end mid ranges
– BRAX Matrix ML6 high-end woofers
– HELIX URC.3 remote control
– Door Soundproofing
– Custom Sound Tuning


McLaren 720s 2022 Spider | Speaker & DSP Amplifier Seamless Upgrade McLaren 720s 2022 Spider

When it comes to high-performance supercars like the McLaren 720s, every detail should be exceptional, including the audio experience. At SOUNDTECH Car Audio Store in Rockdale, we were presented with a unique challenge. A proud McLaren 720s owner sought to elevate the car’s audio quality, which left much to be desired from the factory.

A Superb Supercar with Lackluster Audio

The McLaren 720s is a marvel of engineering, offering extraordinary performance and sleek design. However, its factory audio system was far from extraordinary. Equipped with just four basic speakers and no dedicated amplifier or subwoofer, the stock setup couldn’t do justice to the car’s excellence. The sound was missing depth, clarity, and power. It struggled to deliver the rich bass and intricate details that define an exceptional audio experience. Turning up the volume only revealed distortion and a muddied listening environment.

Crafting the Perfect Audio Solution

At SOUNDTECH, we recognized the potential to transform the 720s’ audio system into something truly remarkable. To achieve this, we focused on several key components, ensuring we retained the car’s sleek aesthetics.

Amplification Excellence

The cornerstone of this audio upgrade was the installation of the Helix P SIX DSP MK2 amplifier. This top-of-the-line 6-channel amplifier represented an ideal choice to address the McLaren’s audio shortcomings. Craftsmanship came into play as we meticulously designed a direct-fit bracket for the Helix amplifier. This not only secured its place but also allowed us to reroute channels for a fully active 3-way sound system. Each driver, from woofers to midranges and tweeters, received individual and precise sound tuning.

Speaker and Tweeter Enhancement

We replaced the factory speakers with BRAX Matrix ML6 Door Woofers and BRAX Matrix ML3 Door Midranges mounted to our specially designed brackets. To maintain the factory looks, we replaced the factory tweeters with the STEG BM25 1-inch direct-fit tweeters. What’s remarkable about this upgrade is that it seamlessly replaced the factory tweeters without any modification to the car’s tweeter grilles. The result: an audio experience that retained the car’s factory aesthetics.

Streamlined Subwoofer Solution

Unlike our standard audio upgrades, this McLaren 720s project did not involve the installation of a hidden subwoofer. Therefore, there was no need for an additional amplifier and making the footwell area shallower by the subwoofer enclosure. The decision to forgo a subwoofer allowed us to maintain a more factory look and feel. While this choice may have resulted in slightly less bass, it preserved the car’s aesthetics, making it an ideal option for those who request that McLaren’s original design not be altered.

A Complete Audio Transformation

The end result was a McLaren 720s with an audio system that finally matched its outstanding performance. The sound quality was clear, detailed, and powerful, with a focus on precision. Notably, the car’s appearance remained virtually untouched. We achieved our goal of combining an exceptional auditory experience with the car’s iconic design.


The transformation was remarkable, resulting in an exceptional sound system with impeccable sound staging, good bass, and brilliant tonality at every volume level.

The BRAX drivers, known for their superior quality, elevated the audio experience in this high-performance supercar to a level befitting its status and capability.

Installation Photos

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