McLaren 720s 2022 Spider | High-End Speakers, Hidden Subwoofer & DSP Amplifier Upgrade

McLaren 720s 2022 base sterero to High-End speakers & subwoofer upgrade

23 October 2023

High-End Custom-Tuned Sound System Upgrade

Original Setup:

– 2x 6,5″ door woofers
– 2x 1″ tweeters
– No Amplifier
– No Subwoofer
These 4 basic speakers are seriously all that his car came with. 

New Setup:

Fully Tuned Active 3-way system + Hidden Subwoofer
– BRAX Matrix ML1 high-end tweeters
– BRAX Matrix ML3 high-end mid ranges
– BRAX Matrix ML6 high-end woofers
– MUSWAY 8″ shallow mount subwoofer
– Custom-made sub box installed as hidden in passenger footwell
– HELIX URC.3 remote control
– Door Soundproofing
– Custom Sound Tuning

McLaren 720s 2022 Spider | High-End Speakers, Hidden Subwoofer & DSP Amplifier Upgrade McLaren 720s 2022 Spider

Upgrade Deatails:

When it comes to the McLaren 720s, the first thing that comes to mind is sheer automotive brilliance. A precision-engineered supercar with performance that’s beyond exhilarating. But for all its mechanical prowess, the factory-installed sound system didn’t match up to the car’s high-performance standards. It left enthusiasts like Daniel yearning for a better auditory experience.

Here’s where Soundtech stepped in. At our car audio store in Rockdale, we thrive on challenges, and the McLaren 720s presented a thrilling one. This extraordinary supercar deserved an equally extraordinary sound system upgrade.

The Factory Audio Woes

The McLaren 720s came equipped with only four speakers and no amplifier or subwoofer. The two 6-inch door woofers and 1-inch tweeters couldn’t deliver the power and clarity needed for a remarkable listening experience. The bass was lacking, details were muddled, and clarity was questionable. Cranking up the volume led to distortion, particularly in the bass range.

While supercars like the 720s are primarily designed for performance, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a phenomenal audio-visual experience during your drive. Soundtech was determined to address this audio dilemma.

Crafting the Perfect Solution

Soundtech’s experience with McLaren vehicles was invaluable in tackling this challenge. We knew that a high-quality amplifier was essential, and there was just enough space for the legendary Helix P SIX DSP MK2 DSP amplifier. With some expert craftsmanship, we fabricated a direct-fit bracket to securely mount this top-class amplifier.

The Helix P SIX DSP MK2 is a 6-channel amplifier, and we meticulously rerouted the channels to create a fully active 3-way sound system. This meant that each driver received precise sound tuning for exceptional audio quality.

To upgrade from a 2-way to a 3-way system, we designed a special bracket system using 10mm acrylic sheets that perfectly matched the McLaren’s sleek aesthetics. Leveraging our skills in 3D design and laser-cut production, we used only the existing factory holes for mounting, avoiding any drilling.

Speaker and Tweeter Enhancement

Next, we turned our attention to the speakers. We replaced the factory speakers with BRAX Matrix ML6 Door Woofers and BRAX Matrix ML3 Door Midranges, followed by the BRAX Matrix ML1 tweeters. To ensure a seamless fit for the tweeters, we precisely measured the existing tweeter environment, which revealed that the ML1 tweeters would fit perfectly. We flush-mounted these elegant large tweeters through the existing tweeter grille and secured them in place with threaded screw-on rings.

Subwoofer Solution

Installing a subwoofer in the McLaren 720s presented a unique challenge, as there was no dedicated space for it. Soundtech’s solution was to create one. We turned our attention to the passenger footwell, removed the floor, and designed a custom-fit sealed subwoofer enclosure for an 8-inch shallow-mount subwoofer. This subwoofer was powered by a MATCH M 2.1AMP micro amplifier, all masterfully tuned via the primary amplifier.

Upon reassembling the floor mats, it appeared as though there was no subwoofer present. The subwoofer was strategically positioned to fire outwards, eliminating vibrations and ensuring a seamless appearance.

The Finishing Touches

This high-end audio setup was rounded off with a USB HD card for direct streaming from a phone or HD player, guaranteeing true lossless streaming. The neatly installed subwoofer and volume controller in the armrest were easily accessible yet unobtrusive for everyday driving.

The project was executed with precision, aiming to make the drive truly enjoyable with an exceptional acoustic experience. Notably, the factory aesthetics of the McLaren 720s remained intact, with the exception of the premium tweeter flush mount, which added a striking visual element to the cabin.

The beauty of this project is that we’ve retained all the data, allowing us to replicate this exceptional solution for any future McLaren 720s that roll into our workshop. For Daniel’s thoughts on the upgrade, please read his comment below.

For McLaren owners who, like Daniel, desire a sound system that matches their vehicle’s unparalleled performance, look no further than SOUNDTECH Car Audio Store. We’re ready to redefine your audio experience.

Contact us at (02) 9055 7400 or to explore the possibilities of transforming your McLaren into an auditory masterpiece.


Absolutely fantastic sound system with perfect sound staging, punchy bass and brillitant tonality across all volumes. 

The BRAX drivers are trully top notch speakers this supersport definitelly deserves. 

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