Mazda CX30 2021

Mazda Car Stereo Upgrade

Date: 17 June 2022

Model: Mazda CX 30 2021

Custom-tuned speaker and subwoofer upgrade
with new center channel.


Original Setup:

Mazda factory sound system – 3-way active front speaker setup with rear midranges only powered by a factory amplifier..

  • 1″ tweeter in the door / pair
  • 3″ midrange driver in the door / pair
  • 5.25″ subwoofer in ported unit / pair
  • Blank cover instead of center channel
  • No boot subwoofer

New Setup:

  • 7-channel premium micro DSP amplifier
  • High-definition 1″ tweeters
  • High-definition 4″ midrange drivers
  • Coaxial center speaker
  • 11″ spare-type subwoofer
  • Door soundproofing
  • Custom tuning including “real-center” function

The Mazda system was not particularly bad but in louder volumes, it was getting worse. Bass distortions from the small woofer and no true deep bass were produced. The quality of high tones was a bit too sharp as the factory tweeters just could not reproduce the signal well.

After some investigation, we decided to use a premium DSP amplifier with 6-speaker input channels to get the full-range signal at our disposal. Then we replaced the freely-mounted 3″ midranges with 4″ glass-fibre drivers and used soundproofing sheets to isolate the speakers from polarity cancellation. That was to create a “cone” by sticking the insulation around the speakers and to the back sheet metal, which greatly affected the speaker’s performance output. Tweeters upgraded too.

In the centre of the dashboard was a grille with a blank hole cover and no speakers. Since we had a spare channel on the amp, it was pretty clear to use that for a nice 3″ coaxial driver. The amp possesses a great function called “real centre” with an algorithm filtering out everything but centre tones, so the centre does what it suppose to.

The spare tyre was fitted with an 11″ hidden subwoofer rated 150W RMS.

The last bit was to retune the entire sound system. It perfectly achieved centre stage with nice deep bass as if coming from the front of the dashboard, clear highs and no distortion.

Tuning itself was about a 3-4 job before we were happy with the outcome, and it would never be possible without having DSP on board.

Mazda Car Stereo Upgrade


The sound woke up from a dull everyday car audio system into a crystal clear and very energetic fun entertainment that the BOSE versions could only dream about.

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