Ferrari California 2014 | Hidden Subwoofer Installation

Ferarri Subwoofer Installation

29 July 2021

A JL AUDIO Sub That Fits Like It Was Made For It.

About the upgrade:
Subwoofer – JL AUDIO sealed enclosure.
Digital Amplifier installed as hidden.
Neat integration to the car’s interior including the bass remote control.
What a beautiful convertible this Ferrari is, too bad it has such a poor bass to offer to the owners but that was all changed with this upgrade. We found there was just the perfect room for a subwoofer in the tunnel behind the rear seats which was never being used. And what a great coincidence we also found a perfect fit subwoofer from JL Audio, only with a small pedestal needed to be created for it.
Convertibles aren’t usually easy cars to work on and sports cars are neither, the combination of a sports convertible was the more challenging but we managed to fit it in all with everything being integrated nicely and hidden in the car’s background. The amp we chose came with a small cool-styled remote controlled which we installed aligned with the Ferrari buttons to look more factory.
Another mission accomplished for this Ferrari subwoofer installation!
Ferrari subwoofer installation
Ferrari sound speaker subwoofer install

Installation Photos

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