BMW X7 G07 Audio Upgrade | HiFi to Premium

BMW X7 G07 Audio Upgrade | S0676 HiFi Sound System Audio Upgrade with DSP

Model: BMW X7 G07 2020 with S0676 HiFi Sound System

We use a solution that has been developed and produced in Germany by Audiotec Fischer, the world’s leading car-audio manufacturer.

Original Setup:

    • S0676 HiFi sound system factory amplifier
    • 3-way splits in the front:
      • 1″ tweeter
      • 4″ midrange
      • 8″ under-seat subwoofer
    • 2-way coaxial system in the rear
      • 4″ speaker
    • Mediocre sound quality
    • Not enough bass
    • Low volume output
BMW X7 G07 Audio Upgrade | HiFi to Premium bmw x7 g07

A new BMW sound system in all models from 2020 up, whether it is the basic version or the S0676 HiFi, it is no longer upgradeable with the conventional Plug ‘n Play solution MATCH UP 7BMW. That is because the new models are made a certain way which is commonly called as the RAM setup, (Radio-Amplifier Module). It means the OEM Amplifier is no longer removable as the head unit will not function without it.

New Setup:

    • MATCH UP 7DSP – PnP DSP amplifier
    • STEG BM45C – Direct fit speakers in the front
    • STEG BM8 – Drop-in underseat subwoofers
    • BMW 2020 special adapter kit
    • Custom-tuned stage
    • Loudness, clarity

The front speakers were replaced with STEG, direct-fit component 4″ / 1″ aftermarket speakers. STEG is a high-quality Italian brand that has great components with a very flat frequency response to begging with. They sound very natural and are pleasant to the ear, perfect for everyday use.

The same approach was used in the under-seat subwoofers which we upgraded with 8″ 200W STEG drivers. They have an extraordinary bass response with no distorting all the way up to the highest volumes.

All the parts we used have been made to fit BMW without any need to drill or cut to the vehicle.


This setup is suitable for all BMW models from 2020 up with both the basic and the S676 HiFi systems. Please contact us to check the compatibility with your vehicle.


Dynamic sound, clear tones and a great bass frequency response.

The stage has been precisely tuned up with the sound image oriented to the driver’s seat. That way it’s a much more enjoyable experience to drive the car around.

Installation time: 1 day. Please feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel (Soundtech) for more content.

If you own a BMW X7 and are unhappy with the sound quality produced by its stereo system, be sure to get in touch with us on (02) 9055 7400 or to see how we can help.

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