BMW 3 Series G21 Audio Upgrade | HiFi to Premium

BMW 3 Series G21 | HiFi Sound System Upgrade with DSP

Model: BMW 330i G21 2021 with HiFi S0676 Sound System

After investing in a brand new BMW 3 Series G21, our customer discovered that he was less than satisfied with the sound produced so began hunting for an audio upgrade specialist in the Sydney area. The team at Soundtech was more than happy to oblige with an audio solution that was sure to knock the customer’s socks off.

The customer felt there was a lack of energy in his music, as well as an absence of bass and clarity – the same sorts of complaints that we see time and time again with BMWs. This is due to the one-size-fits-all approach that manufacturers take with car audio installations – in trying to please every driver, the end result is quite poor sound quality that virtually no one is satisfied with (and with good reason).

Original Setup:

The BMW’s original stereo system included:

    • Factory S0676 HiFi Speaker System with a below-average sound
BMW Car Stereo Upgrade
BMW 3 Series G21 Audio Upgrade | HiFi to Premium BMW 3 SERIES G21 AUDIO UPGRADE

Whilst an BMW sound system upgrade is the ideal solution, and one that Soundtech was more than happy to assist with, there was another issue to contend with:

From 2020 onwards, all new BMWs have been fitted with a sound system that can no longer be upgraded using the conventional Plug and Play solution (MATCH UP 7BMW) – regardless of whether it’s the basic version or the upgraded S0676 BMW Hifi sound system. These new models are created using a RAM (Radio-Amplifier Module) setup, which means that the OEM amplifier is no longer removable – the head unit will simply not function without it.

New Setup:

The new car stereo system installed by Soundtech included:

    • Plug and Play DSP amplifier (MATCH UP 7DSP)
    • Front component speakers by MUSWAY
    • Rear coaxial speakers by MUSWAY
    • Center speaker set by MUSWAY
    • Subwoofer by MUSWAY
    • PnP Harness
    • Installers trained and certified by Audiotec Fischer

Fortunately, RAM setups don’t scare the team here at Soundtech. We come prepared with a great solution that still fits the Plug and Play mould! The OEM amplifier was kept in place and we added a 7 channel MATCH UP amplifier, which was all connected together using a special harness. This enables us to amplify and tune all 7 channels in your BMW (including the front and rear channels, the 2 underseat subwoofers and the centre channel).

We began with a complete car speaker replacement, opting for high quality aftermarket ones by MUSWAY, and tuned it all up so that the car gets the best possible sound. These new speakers are able to play music at much louder volumes whilst keeping the bass tight across the range, a huge improvement on the originals.

The actual tuning of the system is performed using the complex software on our PCs. It’s executed according to our customer’s specifications, as well as the parameters posed by their particular vehicle. The whole process takes up to 3 hours to ensure that we’re completely satisfied by the sound produced.

Why Plug and Play?

We deal exclusively with Plug and Play connections in all our BMW car audio installations, as this allows the original sound system to be expanded without altering or damaging it in any way. Plugs and adaptors are used to add speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, as well as to connect the whole system up – nothing is permanently modified.

What this means is that the vehicle can be returned to its factory setup with very little issue – all we need to do is disconnect everything and you’re good to go.

But why would a customer want to do this? Perhaps they eventually want to sell their BMW 3 Series G21 and put the sound system into their new vehicle. Perhaps they want to make even more upgrades to the system in the future. No matter the reason, there will be no traces of our work left behind.


This setup is suitable for all models featuring the S0676 BMW HiFi sound system, which were manufactured in 2020 or later. For more information on compatibility with your specific vehicle, please get in touch with our team and we’ll offer a recommendation to suit.


We were stoked to provide the customer with:

  • Dynamic sound
  • Clear tones
  • Great bass frequency response
  • Stealth Installation

The stage has been precisely tuned with the sound image oriented for the driver’s seat, making it a far more enjoyable experience when driving around.

We specialise in something known as ‘stealth installations’, which is when all wiring is hidden away within the body of the vehicle. As well as preventing your car from appearing messy and dangerous, hidden wiring helps to hide the fact that an upgrade has even occurred.

The customer was very satisfied with the finished product. “These guys are definitely specialists that can deliver outstanding results,” he said, “I am extremely happy with the results – premium product, premium sound and premium customer service.” He was particularly appreciative of the fact that we provided photos of the installation process, which gave him peace of mind that his vehicle was in good hands.

Soundtech is able to complete this sort of car audio installation in around 2 working days, getting our customers back on the road in no time.

We use a solution that has been developed and produced in Germany by Audiotec Fischer, the world’s leading car audio manufacturer, and MUSWAY (a great car speaker replacement for your BMW sound system upgrade). In fact, the Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer to install these systems, so you can rest assured that you have the very best working on your BMW 3 Series G21 every step of the way.

The Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer to install these systems, so you can rest assured that you have the very best working on your vehicle every step of the way.

If you own a BMW 3 Series and are unhappy with the sound quality produced by its stereo system, be sure to get in touch with us on (02) 9055 7400 or’ll be able to make recommendations to suit your needs. For more content like this, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel

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