BMW 3 Series G20 Audio Upgrade | Plug&Play Solution

BMW M340i G20 | Harman/Kardon Sound System Upgrade with DSP

Model: BMW M340i G20 2020 with Harman/Kardon sound system

This customer approached us during his search for new car audio in Sydney. But he had a special request – he had suffered partial hearing loss and was hoping for a custom solution that would still allow him to enjoy premium sound quality whilst driving around and without sacrificing the listening experience for potential passengers.

The team at Soundtech was more than happy to take on such a car speaker installation project and deliver an experience that everyone was satisfied with.

Original Setup:

The BMW’s original audio system included:

    • BMW 2020 Harman/Kardon 10-channel sound system
BMW M3 car audio upgrade installation main picture

The BMW Harman Kardon sound system that they use in many of their models could certainly not be considered subpar, however, it is still one of those ‘on-size-fits-all’ systems that many drivers find lacking. The best – and most preferable – way to see any sort of improvement in the sound quality is to replace pretty much everything.

Some of the more common complaints that we see with Harman Kardon car audio in Sydney include sound distortion (particularly when playing at louder volumes), a lack of power and overall muddy sound. When dealing with a customer who has hearing problems, these complaints are all exacerbated, causing the driving experience to become a less than optimum one.

New Setup:

The new car audio system installed by Soundtech included:

The sound system that has been installed in all BMWs from 2020 onwards – regardless of whether it’s the basic version, S0676, or the Harman Kardon – is no longer upgradeable using our traditional Plug and Play solution (MATCH UP 7BMW). This is because these newer models are built using a Radio Amplifier Module (RAM) setup – the OEM amplifier is no longer removable, as the head unit will simply not function without it.

The good news is that we have a great solution available for these sorts of sound systems – the best part, it’s still Plug and Play! We keep the OEM amplifier in place, add a 7-channel MATCH amplifier to the system and connect it all up using a special harness. This enables us to amplify and connect all 7 channels in your BMW (including both front and rear channels, the 2 underseat subwoofers and the centre channel). The remaining 2 speakers, located in the rear parcel shelf of the vehicle, can either be left playing on the original amplifier, disconnected or powered via an additional micro 2-channel amplifier.

The new amplifier was installed on prefabricated brackets that were mounted to the chassis, behind the trims in the boot. This ensured that the whole upgrade was completed behind the scenes, without any of the changes being visible to the naked eye. The head unit will function exactly as it did previously, the customer didn’t even lose his saved radio stations.

The new amp delivers far more juice to the speakers and subwoofers, with a clean and tuned sound signal to match. We also undertook car speaker installation in the front, rear and centre of the vehicle to further improve sound quality.

Why Plug and Play?

Here at Soundtech, we love working with Plug and Play connections for all BMW G20 sound system upgrades. The main reason for this is that it allows the original sound system to be expanded upon without any alterations or damage. We can add amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers using special plugs and adaptors that link it into the existing system – nothing is permanently modified.

But why is this so important? For the simple reason that the vehicle can be returned to its original factory setup with ease. Say the customer wants to sell their BMW but they want to hold onto their new sound system that has been customised to their needs – all they need to do is have us disconnect it and the car is ready to be sold, the new owner none the wiser that an upgrade had ever been performed.


This setup is suitable for all models featuring the BMW Harman Kardon sound system, manufactured from the year 2020 onwards. For more information on compatibility with your specific car, please get in touch with our expert team and let us do the rest.


We were stoked to provide the customer with:

  • Clear and dynamic sound
  • Great bass frequency response
  • A lot more detail in the music

The stage has been precisely tuned up with the sound image oriented for the driver’s seat, adjusted as per the customer’s needs to compensate for his partial hearing loss. This ensured that driving the car around was a far more enjoyable experience for him.

He was pleased with the extra care and attention that the team had placed on ensuring that his music listening experience was an enjoyable one despite his hearing loss. This is an extra step that many other installers wouldn’t take, and we were more than happy to include this as a part of the BMW G20 sound system upgrade.

The Soundtech team is able to complete car speaker installations and upgrades like this one in approximately 1 business day, getting our customers back out on the road – and enjoying their music of choice – as quickly as possible.

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The Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer to install these systems, so you can rest assured that you have the very best working on your vehicle every step of the way.

If you’re unhappy with the sound produced by your BMW 3 Series’ car audio in Sydney, be sure to get in touch sure to get in touch with us on (02) 9055 7400 or to see how we can help.

Installation Photos

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