BMW 5 Series G30 Audio Upgrade | Basic to Premium

BMW 5 Series G30 | Basic 6-Speaker to Premium 13-Speaker Sound System

Model: BMW 530d G30 2019 with Basic Sound System

If this isn’t the first article of ours you’ve read, you’ll be well aware that the BMW basic sound system leaves a lot to be desired. This particular customer was very unhappy with his car’s audio and was looking to have it upgraded to a premium system that would allow him to enjoy his music whilst cruising in his BMW 530d G30. The team at Soundtech was more than happy to oblige.

Original Setup:

The BMW’s original sound system included:

    • 2x mid-range speakers in the front
    • 2x mid-range speakers on the parcel shelf
    • 2x 6.5” imitation underseat subwoofers
    • No centre speaker
    • No boot subwoofer
BMW G30 Speaker Upgrade
BMW 5 Series G30 Audio Upgrade | Basic to Premium BMW G30 Speaker Upgrade

When we say that the BMW 5 series G30 has a basic sound system, we mean it. This mid-range system features two speakers in the front of the vehicle, another two on the parcel shelf at the rear, and a 6.5” subwoofer under each of the front seats. In the BMW amplified versions, the whole system is powered by a factory amplifier, which is mounted in the rear of the car. The basic one, however, has no amplifier and it’s all run by only a weak head unit. There was no centre speaker in sight, which seems unbelievable in this day and age.

This customer had many of the usual complaints that we see with BMW’s – there was no energy or emotion in the music, not to mention the complete absence of bass and clarity. This is all due to the one-size-fits-all approach that manufacturers take towards car audio systems – even in luxury models like this one.

New Setup:

The new car stereo system installed by Soundtech included:

    • 4x high-end component speakers in the front
    • 4x high-end component speakers on the parcel shelf
    • 2x high-end component speakers in the centre
    • 2x 8” 100W RMS kick subwoofers
    • 10” 300W RMS subwoofer in the boot (in a sealed enclosure)
    • Plug and Play adaptors and harnesses
    • Installers trained and certified by Audiotec Fischer

If you want high quality sound, your only option is to perform a BMW G30 audio upgrade.

We, essentially, replaced everything, plus added extra speakers and subwoofers to make the customer’s audio experience as enjoyable as possible. The new speakers and subwoofers are able to play music much louder than the originals, as well as keeping the bass tight across the whole volume range.

The addition of the centre speakers and compact boot subwoofer really kick things up a notch, giving this BMW 530d G30 2019 a premium sound system that is unsurpassed by any other currently on the market.

The cherry on the top of this BMW audio upgrade was an extension card that can support direct streaming from the customer’s smartphone (via a USB cable up to 192 kHz/32 Bit), which we installed to the DSP amplifier. With so many of us storing our lives on our smartphones, being able to connect it to your vehicle with ease is an absolute must.

Each speaker and subwoofer was custom tuned using a microphone, reading device (which monitors the pink noise signal) and complex software installed on our PC. To ensure that your Soundtech installer is completely satisfied with the resulting sound, this tuning process can take up to 3 hours from start to finish. In this case, the stage has been precisely tuned with the sound image oriented for the driver’s seat.


This particular setup is suitable for all BMW models that have a basic sound system; in fact, it’s the most advanced Plug & Play audio system for these vehicles in existence and has been designed to understand them fully. For more information on compatibility with your specific vehicle, please get in touch with our team.

Why Plug and Play?

We use Plug and Play connections in our BMW audio upgrades, as this allows us to expand the car’s original sound system using plugs and adaptors rather than actually altering or damaging it. As nothing is permanently modified, the system can be returned to its factory setup at any time – no traces of our work are left behind.

There are a number of reasons why the customer may want to transfer his upgraded audio system to a different car – he may want to sell his BMW 5 series G30 2019 down the track or he may decide that the system no longer suits his needs. Whatever the reason, the whole system can be replaced with ease.


We were stoked to provide the customer with:

    • Fully tuned and properly balanced sound
    • Punchy bass with deep frequencies
    • Complete integration
    • Stealth installation

Working closely with car manufacturers like BMW has enabled us to perform stereo system installations like this one without compromising your warranty. We exclusively offer ‘stealth installations’, which simply means that no wiring is cut and it’s all hidden away within the body of the vehicle. The end result is that you’d never guess the sound system has been upgraded and would just assume the car came like that.

The customer was instantly in love with his new BMW 5 series G30 car audio system – the excitement is written all over his face. He was particularly pleased that the sound stage had been customised to make his driving experience as enjoyable as possible.

Installation time: 1 day. To see more content like this, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel (Soundtech) for more content.

This BMW G30 audio upgrade was developed by a company called Audiotec Fischer; they are based in Germany and considered one of the most advanced manufacturers of car audio systems in the world. The Soundtech team has been factory trained and licensed by Audiotec Fischer to install their systems, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best when you work with us.

If you own a BMW 530d G30 and are unhappy with the sound quality of its stereo system, get in touch with our expert team today on (02) 9055 7400 or to see what audio upgrades are possible for your car.

Extra Subwoofer Option Available:

There is an even better boot subwoofer integration available, as pictured here using the direct-fit subwoofer enclosure. Please contact us if you’re interested in this option for your car audio installation.