Audi Q7 S-Line Complete Audio Upgrade

Audi Q7 Plug & Play Upgrade with DSP Amplifier

Model: Audi Q7 S-Line 2016

Whilst the Audi Q7 S-Line is the perfect car in many ways, its sound system is not one of them. It can be quite disappointing for owners who’ve spent a lot of money on a luxury car only to quickly discover that it’s stereo system is nowhere near up to par.

Our customer, Mike, contacted us to see if there was anything we could do about the bass completely missing from his music. A quick look revealed that the OEM subwoofer his vehicle had been fitted with looked more like something you’d find in a toy store than in a car audio package. Soundtech to the rescue with an Audi Q7 sound system upgrade!

Original Setup:

The Audi Q7’s original stereo system included:

    • Standard Audi 10-speaker sound system
    • Centre speaker
    • Factory subwoofer
    • Unsatisfying and muddy sound that lacked bass, clarity and dynamic range
Audi Q7 S-Line 2016 Audio Upgrade - MATCH sound system

Mike was very unhappy with the audio experience being provided by his Audi Q7 S-Line – not only was the sound muddy, it also lacked bass, clarity and dynamic range. Sometimes you’d hear part of the baseline but then you wouldn’t hear the rest. And it wasn’t even possible to get the sound right by changing the system’s settings.

“The car audio was not what I expected from a company like Audi,” Mike said.

New Setup:

The new car stereo system installed by Soundtech included:

    • 8” 86DSP Plug and Play amplifier – by MATCH
    • MA8 direct replacement speakers – by STEG
    • 300W RMS subwoofer – by MATCH
    • DSP remote control – by HELIX
    • Audi Plug and Play connector/adaptor – by MATCH
    • Harness for Audi vehicles – by MATCH
    • Premium sound deadener – by StP AERO
    • Installers trained and certified by Audiotec Fischer

This is all a result of that one-size-fits-all approach that we see in vehicles time and time again – no one is satisfied with this sort of sound.

After our conversations with Mike, he decided that his Audi Q7 stereo upgrade would include the whole stage to ensure the benefits of the system would be maximised. We began by swapping out the front speakers with high-end Plug and Play ones that have been developed specifically for Audi (the STEG 8-inch component system). They are also heavier and more robust than the originals.

We installed a high-end 8/9 channel DSP amplifier under the passenger seat, which we connected to the main head unit using a specific adaptor that has been made for Audi. This ensured that we didn’t have to make any modifications to the car’s current wiring system.

In the hidden compartment underneath the boot’s floor, we installed a low-height (but very powerful) 300W RMS subwoofer, also from MATCH. Not only is it smaller than the original, it has far more impact on the overall sound quality. We also customised this subwoofer with some legs to ensure that it sits at the correct height.

All cables and harnesses were completely hidden in the frame of the Audi Q7 S-Line; the installation was nice and clean, with no signs that any work had been done.

The final step was to install the sound in the DSP. This is a complex process that requires special tools and skill; it can take up to several hours for a single vehicle in order to get it right. For this reason, the Soundtech team has undertaken special training in tuning car audio systems at the Audiotec Fischer company in Germany.

Why Plug and Play?

We use Plug and Play connections in Audi car audio packages because they allow us to expand on the car’s original sound system without altering or damaging it. Plugs, adaptors and harnesses are used to switch out speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers – nothing is permanently modified. This means that the car can be returned to the OEM setup whenever the owner wants – and it will be like the system was never changed.

Why would someone want to remove an awesome car stereo installation? There are actually a few reasons – perhaps Mike wants to install an even more advanced system down the line, or he wants to sell his Audi Q7 S-Line with its original setup. Whatever the reason, we can handle uninstallations with ease.


We were stoked to provide the customer with:

    • Fully tuned and properly balanced sound
    • Stealth installation
    • Complete integration

The new sound in Mike’s Audi Q7 stereo upgrade is truly unbelievable! Thanks to the combination of soundproofing, great speakers and sound tuning, we have been able to achieve a well-balanced stage with a perfect image in the middle of the dashboard.

The powerful subwoofer can be adjusted for every song as desired using the handy remote control – the high detail in the music is very noticeable now.

“Just simply by adding that unit and tuning it up, the difference was incredible,” Mike said. “The sound is really very smooth…it’s like in a concert hall. I really like the way you tuned it using that microphone and that analyser; to be able to work out where the frequencies were sitting in the space of the car, because every car is different.”

Soundtech is able to complete this sort of car stereo installation in around 2 working days, getting you back out on the road as quickly as possible.

Many of this system’s components were developed by Audiotec Fischer, a German company that is known around the world for their advanced car audio packages. They factory trained and licensed the Soundtech team, giving you peace of mind that we know what we’re talking about and know these systems inside out.

If you’re in the market for an Audi Q7 sound system upgrade, be sure to get in touch with the experts at Soundtech today on (02) 9055 7400 or and we can advise the best remedy. For more great content like this, check out our YouTube channel.

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