Audi A4 2018 Basic Audi Sound System Upgrade | DSP Amplifier tuning

Audi A4 2018 with a new tune!

15 January 2021

Basic Audi Sound System Upgrade with DSP Amplifier and Compact Subwoofer

Original Setup:

Factory speakers – the component in the front and the back
no amplifier, low volume, poor quality, weak yet rattling parcel shelf subwoofer,

New Setup:

-no speaker replacement
-hidden amplifier to power the entire Audi system
-disconnectable boot subwoofer
-precise speaker and subwoofer sound tuning using PC software.


Audi A4 2018 Basic Audi Sound System Upgrade | DSP Amplifier tuning audi a4

About the upgrade:

Peter’s Audi A4 had a sleek and modern exterior, but the sound system inside was lacking. As he described it, the audio was “flat, boring, unengaging,” and worst of all, when he turned up the factory subwoofer, the entire parcel shelf started to rattle. But Peter didn’t want any drilling or wiring cuts, as his car was brand new, which posed a challenge for the Soundtech team.


To address this issue, we installed a multichannel amplifier with a digital signal processor (DSP) to the existing sound system. Using an aftermarket Audi harness, we added the amplifier to the system without any drilling or cutting required. We also added a compact vented subwoofer in the boot, which provided the necessary low-end frequency response that was lacking in the original system. The factory subwoofer on the parcel shelf was digitally disconnected to prevent the rattling issue that Peter was experiencing.


After the installation was complete, we went to work tuning the entire sound stage to get the most out of the existing speakers and subwoofers. Using our expertise and state-of-the-art audio calibration tools, we were able to bring out the missing tones and frequencies that were previously absent from Peter’s audio system. The end result was a sound that was crisp, clear, and perfectly balanced, with a satisfying bass response that didn’t cause any rattling or distortion.


The best part of the installation was that we were able to achieve these results without drilling or cutting any part of the car. Our plug-and-play solution was clean, neat, and completely reversible. Peter was thrilled with the outcome and couldn’t believe the difference that the Soundtech team had made in his audio system. Now he can enjoy his favourite music with the quality it deserves, all while cruising in his brand new Audi A4.


If you’re experiencing similar audio issues in your Audi or any other vehicle, contact us at Soundtech today to see how we can help you achieve the sound quality you deserve.


– Deep and clear bass
– No rattling
– Hidden amp
– More loudness of the system
– No harsh high tones

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