Alpine A110 2019

Alpine Car Stereo Upgrade

Date: 22 October 2021

Model: Alpine A110 2019

8″ SQ Subwoofer Add On

Original Setup:

  • Factory Focal sound system run off a 4ch speaker amplifier
  • Inbuilt enclosure ready for a subwoofer
  • No subwoofer, no sub amplifier

New Setup:

  • 300W 8″ SQ subwoofer STEG
  • Digital Amplifier installed as hidden
  • Factory subwoofer enclosure fully soundproofed
  • Signal taken from the OEM head unit using a PnP adapter

Justin brought to us this unique piece of a French sports car to fit a subwoofer in where the factory people intended but have never done an Alpine car stereo upgrade before.

We proudly took this task under our engineering wing and designed a nice and neat solution with having the maximal effect of added bass. That was a combination of an 8″ SQ subwoofer STEG with its power of 300W RMS and a fully soundproofed enclosure to make sure the bass won’t make the car a moving rattlebox. All powered by a hidden mono amplifier with a very cool volume control nob, which we installed in the rear mini shelf.

Alpine Car Stereo Upgrade
Subwoofer for your Alpine car stereo upgrade


This was one of those jobs we enjoy the most as we get to create something new, the better it gets when the results precede our calculated expectations.

Needless to say, the sound finally got the balls making the car much more enjoyable to cruise around.

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Installation Photos

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