Level 3 Upgrade

Level 3 Upgrade

Upgrade Level 3 - Custom Tuned Sound System

Consists of:

  • Aftermarket head unit (optional)
  • Front and rear speakers
  • Door soundproofing
  • Digital signal processor
  • Amplifier(s) 
  • Subwoofer

About the upgrade:

  • We’ll do the maximum to create the best acoustical environment in your vehicle for your needs and with the Level 3 upgrade, there are already enough resources to do so.
  • The new head unit provides a clear signal for the amps, ideally with CarPlay / Android Auto which becomes nearly a must these days
  • Treating your doors with adhesive materials will take care of metallic vibrations, road noise, reflection of sound waves and also helps the speaker to play faster, hence a better clarity (a better-sealed door cavity creates pressure against the speaker cone movement which improves the speaker’s damping factor)
  • New speakers, made with better materials, quality and power handling than the factory one using adapters and connectors for unintrusive installations 
  • A digital signal processor is here to control the entire sound settings and divides the signal to each speaker individually with the right frequencies. It also protects the speakers from overloading and makes the system capable of much higher volumes before distortion settles in.
  • Amplifiers to drive the power to each speaker and subwoofer as they require
  • A subwoofer unit giving the sound what it needs. It does not always mean having shaking mirrors but a true and deep sound experience that should be present as much as good mids and highs.

Estimated budget: $3k – $4k 

Showcasing vehicles: Suzuki Jimny 2020, Honda CRV 2020, Toyota Landcruiser S200 2020

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