Level 2 Upgrade

Level 2 Upgrade

Upgrade Level 2 - Speakers And Subwoofer

Consists of:

  • Front speakers
  • Amplifier
  • Subwoofer optional
  • Soundproofing (basic)

About the upgrade:

  • In Leve 2 upgrade where the budget is still the main constraint, we only do what’s really important to get the sound good.
  • Treating your doors with adhesive materials will take care of metallic vibrations, road noise, reflection of sound waves and also helps the speaker to play faster, hence a better clarity (a better-sealed door cavity creates pressure against the speaker cone movement which improves the speaker’s damping factor). Level 2 give you the basic door treatment.
  • New front speakers made with better materials, quality and power handling than the factory one using adapters and connectors for unintrusive installations 
  • A microamp to boost the speakers and another one to power a subwoofer.
  • A compact subwoofer 

Estimated budget: $1.5k – $2.5k 

Showcasing vehicle: VW Golf MK5

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