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Enjoy Your Drive With Concert Quality Music.

At Soundtech our goal is to provide you with an absolutely exceptional musical experience to enhance your drive. We offer Plug n’ Play setups to suit a wide variety of car manufacturers and HiFi sound system setups. Our team are experts in installations that work flawlessly with your current setup and require no major modification to your car. The most exciting aspect of upgrading your car sound system is the customised sound tuning service we offer all our customers. Check it out for yourself.

Audio Tuning & Installations

What Our Customers Say

garth mcanally
garth mcanally
What an amazing experience, I had a new subwoofer and dashcam installed by Soundtech, so happy with the quality of the workmanship and customer service experience was second to none.
Ali Beydoun
Ali Beydoun
Dealing with SoundTech and Honza from start to finish was a standout experience. Right from the get-go, Honza was all about helping me find the best setup for my new Toyota GR86 2023. He was straightforward, knew his stuff, and made sure I felt comfortable with the plan for the upgrade. Dropping off the car was easy, and I was kept in the loop with updates and photos, which I really appreciated. When I got the car back, I was blown away by the quality of work. It looked like it all could've been installed straight from the factory - clean, meticulous, and just spot-on.Now, the sound - it's hard to put into words. The car sounds amazing with the new setup. Everything from the sound deadening to the way the system was tuned is perfect. It's got this quality to it now that makes every drive a lot more enjoyable. And they did all this without needing to mess with the car's original head unit or fittings. Big thanks to Sound Tech and Honza. The whole process was smooth, and the results speak for themselves. Definitely recommend them if you're looking to upgrade your car's audio without compromising on aesthetics or originality.
Rodney Trickett
Rodney Trickett
Very happy with SoundTech’s One day upgrade to my X5 speakers and amp
Ian Brands
Ian Brands
The work was done promptly and professionally. Very happy with th e result
Graham Pearson
Graham Pearson
Honza provided fantastic service and understanding. If you're looking to upgrade your BMW sound system, Soundtech have the best understanding of the vehicle and a good range of options. Now enjoying a clear and powerful sound upgrade, with new speakers and power amp (with tuning) in my BMW X3.
Craig Figtree
Craig Figtree
Honza has created the best PA and music system for a tour bus in Sydney. Thank you. Craig
James Norris
James Norris
I have a 2017 Toyota Hilux single cab ute that I use for work. I recently made the decision to keep the ute and after previously having high end car audio systems in my other vehicles I was on the lookout for a new system. I often spend 3 hrs a day driving and/or in Sydney traffic :( I was initially drawn to Soundtech because they stock and install reputable German brands such as BRAX, HELIX & MATCH manufactured by Audiotech Fischer. Implementing a processor/processor enabled amplifier opens the door to high end audio! Soundtech and proprietor Honza have extensive experience in installing & tuning high-end processor based car audio systems. Traditionally most car audio installers somehow place single cab utes in the 'too hard' basket for high-end audio systems. This was no problem at all for Honza at Soundtech. After lengthy consultations and modified quotes we mutually arrived at the best sound system for my budget. A new processor enabled amplifier from Helix, new Helix component speakers & a Helix shallow mount 10inch subwoofer (in minimalist enclosure behind the passenger seat) was installed. Comprehensive sound deadening was also carried out. All components were installed in factory locations giving no hint of the new beast... The sound....? AMAZING...!!! The clarity next level! I can highly recommend Helix products. Musicians playing instruments sound like they are performing a concert in the car beside you! Phenomenal sound quality -the subwoofer a powerful companion -the engaging new sound system does not distort at ANY volume :) I am extremely pleased with the outcome -driving has never being such a pleasure. I can highly recommend Honza & the crew at Soundtech. 5/5 stars...!!! :)
James Curtin
James Curtin
The team upgraded the stock and faulty head unit in my 2017 Amarok to a new 10inch screen with all new speakers, tweeters and custom Sub installation that all looks factory. Soundtech were professional, the installation was neat and all done in a day. The sound tuning and the ability to adjust the sub and bass level is a real winner…. Highly recommended.

Installation Case Studies

MINI Cooper JCW F56 2022 HK

MINI Cooper JCW F56 2022 Harman Kardon

Whenever we get a Harman/Kardon sound system to upgrade, we always make sure to bring something special to the table to make the difference between the original car audio system and our solution worthwhile…

Renault Megane Stereo Upgrade

Renault Megane RS Complete Audio Upgrade

When we first heard this factory car audio we weren’t even laughing, it was a pure jaw-dropping moment how poor the car audio system was. Given the fact it’s a premium hot hatch that is meant to represent your style in every aspect, music included. Well, that music part unfortunately wasn’t there for this Renault Megane 275 RS.

Installations Volkswagen Amarok 580 Highline 2021

BMW 5 Series G30 Audio Upgrade | Basic to Premium

From Basic to Super Premium on this car audio upgrade! We’ve replaced everything, tuned the stage, added a bunch of extra speakers and a compact boot subwoofer as well. To make it extra special, we installed an…


BMW 3 Series G21 Audio Upgrade | HiFi to Premium

We will keep the OEM amplifier in place and add a 7 channel MATCH amplifier to the system and connect it all with a special harness. This way we will be able to amplify and tune-up all 7 channels in your car audio…

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