4. DSP Amplifier & Subwoofers

Custom Tuned Stage With A DSP Amplifier & Underseat Subwoofers

1290W 7-Channel DSP Amplifier Replacement / Add On Including 2x Underseat Subwoofer


This is the package where all the fun really starts.

Using a high-end DSP amplifier combines two of the most important functions in the sound signal processing – amplification and sound tuning. In conjunction with new underseat subwoofers the sound will get to another level. 

This amplifier, developed specifically for BMW, powers up each driver in the vehicle with much stronger and cleaner signal. At the same time, the embedded DSP (digital signal processor) allows us to professionally tune-up the entire sound stage with results similar to those of a home cinema.

Briefly, the sound tuning will consist of:

  • Speaker polarity check
  • Volume optimization
  • Correct crossover setting
  • Time alignment
  • Equalization
  • Sound image fine adjustment
  • True centre speaker setup
  • Dynamic bass enhancement
  • Subbass extender
  • Adjusting the sound stage to the customer’s preferences

Package Price From $2,490

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