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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually it’s about 1-2 days, but it depends on many factors, starting with the audio package chosen.

No, the warranty does not get affected in any way. Upon request, we can restore your vehicle to the factory setup. If you plan to do so, please let us know during our initial consultation.

We work with multiple brands, mostly from Germany and the USA. Specifically, it’s Match, Helix, Brax, Musway, Audio System, ESX, JL Audio, Kicker, Audio Control, STEG and more.

All our installations come with a standard 1-year warranty. However, we do offer care packages and on-going maintenance services after the 1-year warranty period is complete.

Custom sound tuning allows us to tailor your car audio experience to your unique needs. We tune the entire sound stage and every speaker individually in a similar fashion as it’s done in custom-tuned home sound systems. We utilise the latest technology of digital signal processors, which we supply.

In most cases this is possible and it’s one of many benefits of Plug & Play solutions. Usually, it only requires a new adapter matching your new car. Please contact us for an accurate consultation and quote tailored to your cars.

Yes, we ship Australia wide or you can come and pick from our workshop directly.

Basically for everyone who’s passionate about their music. And you do not need to be a true audiophile to recognise the difference. The purpose of sound tuning is to undo the often unsatisfyingly flat performance of car sound systems. A car’s acoustical environment is generally very unfriendly to sound performance and quality. The DSPs allow us to adjust the sound performance and quality to your car’s environment and your unique music preferences.

To maintain the highest quality of installations, we do all our work in-house. We can, however, organize transport to and from the Rockdale train station for you.

Yes, we have a variety of cars at our workshop for demonstration purposes. We welcome you to visit our workshop and experience the great results we can offer.

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