BMW Upgrade Level 2

BMW Speaker and Subwoofer Upgrade - Level 2

Package Price: from $2,290

Fully custom-tuned sound stage

Tuned To Your Preferences!


  • 2 to 4 front speakers for BMW
  • 2 drop-in underseat woofers for BMW
  • 7ch DSP amplifier developed for BMW, 1290W
  • BMW Plug and Play harnesses
  • BMW Amplifier power kit
  • Extra door sound-deadening sheets 
  • No modifications to the vehicle
  • 100% BMW compatible




This package gives you an overall upgrade with new speakers around the car, 2 underseat foor subwoofers and a 7-channel DSP amplifier.

The biggest advantage of this upgrade lays in the DSP amplifier which not only delivers the power to the components they need but it allows the system to be fully custom-tuned specifically for the car and your taste.

With the combination of tuning and new speakers, you will get much more details in the sound and better clarity in high tones in particular.

Instruments will sound more natural and the subwoofers will give you loads of bass across the entire low-end frequency range.

All components we use are 100% BMW plug and play compatible.


Briefly, the sound tuning consists of:

  • Speaker polarity check
  • Volume optimization
  • Correct crossover setting
  • Time alignment
  • Equalization
  • Sound image fine adjustment
  • True centre speaker setup
  • Dynamic bass enhancement
  • Subbass extender
  • Adjusting the sound stage to the customer’s preferences

Installation of these packages start from $790 incl GST.

For the basic BMW sound system version lacking tweeters, we can supply OEM BMW tweeter domes to fit component speakers and achieve improved sound quality. Cost: $350 incl. GST

BMW Upgrade Level 2 BMW Upgrade Level 2

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